DoseTray 8 pcs. (Privat & Professional)

kr. 250,00 Inkl. moms.

DoseTray is a doseringbox with tambour cover. The cover cannot fall off and can easily be opened with little finger force.

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Many people can relate to the problem of dosing boxes, where the lid can be difficult to open and close. DoseTray solves this problem, because the lid is an integral part of the dosing box. You can slide the lid back and forth, simply with one hand.

Therefore, DoseTray is easy to open, also for people that suffer from tremors or reduced fin motor skills. Second of all, the small cabinets in a DoseTray are in chronological order; Morning, Midday, Evening and Night. With the tambour lid it is possible to open the box step by step as the day proceeds. Finally, the cover is detachable and can be washed is the dishwasher, so all parts are cleaned correctly.

More advantages
The weekdays are printed0 on the of the DoseTray, in stead of the top, and therefore it is easy to the weekdays when the DoseTray are placed in a DoseCan. There are 8 DoseTrays in a box, so you can dispense medicine for 1 week and you still have one extra. DoseTray is the same size as the most common dosing boxes on the market.