DKK 99,00 Inkl. moms. / month for 6 months and a DKK 250,00 sign-up fee

DoseLight is a SIGFOX button and an app-solution with the possibility of scanning a bar-code on a medicine pouch.

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DoseButton (SIGFOX button) is used together with a clients medicine. The user receives an alarm on their smartphone, when it is time to perform an action and acknowledge on the DoseButton. If there is no acknowledgement on the DoseButton, relatives or healthcare professionals receive a notification.

If pouch-packed medication from the pharmacy is used, is it possible to acknowledge by scanning the bar-code on the pouches. If there is no acknowledgement or the bar-codes are scanned incorrectly a notification is sent to relatives or healthcare professionals that can follow up.

If a user needs to be reminder of other actions, then they simply use the DoseButton.

The DoseSystem notification App is free, it is the DoseButton that requires a subscription.