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DoseSystem is ready to expand further and needs strong partners to help as many people as possible to get ‘medicine on time’. DoseSystem already cooperates with distributors and pharmacy chains in countries such as Norway, Finland, Belgium and Switzerland and has over 5 years of experience and evidence. If you can see opportunities for your company to become a part of the journey towards digital medicine administration, then contact us at +4570707447 or e-mail: info@dosesystem.com

DoseSystem has developed a number of products which reminds people of their medicine and a digital follow-up via our platform and App. Over the last year, DoseSystem has further developed our platform for medication reminders. We can now help both patients and caregivers with “medicine on time” via three different products, depending on the cognitive level and needs.



DoseCan an electronic medicine reminder. With beeps and blicks, it reminds you when to take the medicine and allows healthcare professionals to support  many medicine-users simultaneously. We have 5 years of evidence, selling DoseCans to over half of the Danish municipalities. With a beep and blink, it reminds you when to take your medication and can help many patients simultaneously.  If you do not press the OK-button, relatives or professionals can be alerted automatically in our back-end system.


To use the DoseLight solution the patients us their own phone as a reminder and a button near the medicine, for acknowledgement. The user receives a reminder thru the APP when it is time to take the medicine and then acknowledges on the DoseButton. We use the same back-end system, where relatives or healthcare professionals can be alerted automatically in our back-end system.

DoseScan (APP)

The DoseScan solution is primarily for Dose-Packed medicine. The patient is using our app to scan the dispensed Dose-Packed medicine, to ensure that it is the correct Dose on the right time when they get a notification on their smartphone. Relatives or professionals can be alerted automatically in our back-end system as well.


If you want to be a part of our journey working with digital medicine administration with the benefits of helping more people taking their medicine on time, we have profitable business plans which we will like to review with You. We greatly value that our partners and patients have a sense of coherence when using DoseSystem. Therefore, close collaboration and dialogue is important with our partners and supporting You with strategy, dissemination and experience throughout the last 5 years.

Because of our flexible solutions we see business opportunities in several markets and therefore we are open for suggestions for new options. Our system is already translated to 8 different languages as Spanish, Dutch, English, French, German, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish.

Currently, we are working with the following four markets.


In Denmark we have sold our solutions to over half of the Danish municipalities. The care providers uses our system to minimalize visits to patients and ensure follow-up via our back-end system. We have a lot of evidence and experience on this field. Outside Denmark the system is used by careproviders in Norway and Finland among others. Please contact us for more info.


To help their loved ones from a distance and give them notifications if the patients don’t acknowledge. The Business-To-Customers is a growing marked, and DoseSystem can help ensure medicine on time, and even work as an  “reverse” emergency call, because you get alarms if no receipt has been received, which can have many reasons. This provides security for both relatives and patients.


It is a way to introduce a new services and be able to help patients, To ensure a closer relationship with patient,  help to with compliance, guidance for patients, data and more.


With DoseSystem you get the opportunity to offer new services to your customers and create a closer and more devoted customer service. With DoseSystem, you can deliver the correct medicine, help your customer with increasing compliance and finally contact them if they are to forget. Furthermore, you can collaborate closely with relatives of patient, by ensuring better compliance and treatment. Contact us for more info on service models for your customers.

We look forward to hear from you and to discuss some of the businessmodels we have developed with pharmacies and distributors.

Contact us on +45 70707447 or info@dosesystem.com for further information.