Follow the development

We now offer the opportunity to follow your development when using DoseSystem. With our monthly reports, our team will guide you thru, exactly how your users are developing on multiple parameters.

An example of compliance of users on our system in Municipality X.



In the monthly report, you will see an adherence-overview as a measuring tool. Therefore it will be possible to benchmark your users and compare them to other municipalities.

In the overview to the right you see municipality X:

Number of acknowledgements pr. day:
Provides an overview of how many times daily the system is used by a user. In this case 84 times daily.

Average number of acknowledgements pr. users pr. day:
Provides an insight to, how many times the users in municipality X have used our system pr. day.

Total number of acknowledgements from the users in the given time period:
 Shows how many times the users have acknowledged on our system in the month of August 2020. In this case 2604 times.

Number of red flags, where the healthcare staff have to act:
Shows how many times the healthcare staff have to follow up on the user, that hasn’t acknowledged. In this case 105 times out of 2604 acknowledgements.

Percentage where users are independent:

96% of the time, the users in municipality X are self-reliant and do not need help from the healthcare staff, because they have acknowledged independently.

Adherence overview in municipality X in August 2020
In the overview above the numbers are based on actual municipalities, that already have made their first monthly reports for, the first haft of September. The municipalities have an average of 30 active patients, where the average number of acknowledgements per patients per day and the percentage of self-reliant patients are based on real numbers. The numbers are multiplied in order to illustrate the process. The remaining numbers are therefor not real numbers from a municipality, but ca. numbers from a municipality with 30 patients using the system.
Implementation of DoseSystem is worth gold
Apart from the numbers in the adherence-overview, we see our system as a solution that can help municipalities use the warm hands where they are needed the most. A good example is municipality X, where the users are self-reliant 96% of the time and thereby acknowledge for their medicine. Furthermore, the monthly reports will illustrate the potential savings. The graph below illustrates a net profit by implementation of technologies for medicine administration in homecare in all Danish municipalities corresponding to 29.951 dkk. per users yearly. View the full report from the Danish ‘Teknologisk institute’ below.  Likewise the numbers above are based on the example of “an example of the development of number of active users on the system in Municipality X“. *
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