Freddy always had to be at home, now he takes hour long walks due to his DoseCan

36 hours alone in chaos and subsequent homecare visits 5 times a day. Those were the consequences when Freddy Holst Christensen from Næstved had forgotten his medicine. Now he has help to remember it and regained his freedom.


DoseFan: Freddy Holst Christensen
Uses DoseSystem due to: Vital medication for Parkinson
Enhances: Stability, safety and independence
Dreams of: More bird watching
Previously: Programmer/System developer and volunteer in the Emergency Rescue department

Dependent on medicine

After 11 years with Parkinson Freddy is dependent on medicine, but it turned out that he didn’t need the many daily visits from homecare workers. Two months after the unpleasant episode the municipality gave him a DoseCan and DoseTrays, which lid is so soft that he can open despite the many tremors. It minimized the visits to 3 times weekly, where the healthcare workers, check if everything is ok.

” I had forgotten my medicine, couldn’t get of hold of my telephone and was found after 36 hours by a service worker that had to deliver a new bed for me. When healthcare workers come five times a day, you always must be at home. Now I can go out without having to check in with them first.”

” Now I go for a walk every day- for many hours. I don’t have a car any longer due to the tremors but ride my bike now and then. My dream is to move to the countryside, so I can look at the birds.”

Healthcare workers are notified

Freddy’s DoseCan beeps when it’s time his medication. And if he doesn’t press the OK button, that digitally informs the healthcare workers that everything is ok, they call him on his mobile and follow up. If he doesn’t react, they move out.

” My biggest problem are the tremors. They get worse if I don’t take my medicine one time. Therefore, the stability is important, and the system helps me remember. It’s nice to know that someone is keeping an eye on you, especially because I live alone.”

Freddy was trained by a healthcare worker from the municipality and had no problems with getting to know his DoseCan. The few visits are not a problem, on the contrary.

“Now I go for walks every day- for many hours. I don’t have a car anymore due to the tremors, but I ride my bike now and then. My dream is to move to the countryside so I can look at the birds.”