Borger & pårørende

Patients & relatives

With a DoseCan from DoseSystem you can say hello to freedom and security. We help patients and relatives with to take medicine as prescribed.

Problems remembering your medicine?

Do you also have trouble taking your medication on time or do you know someone who has? So maybe DoseCan from DoseSystem is for you?Medical treatment does not work if it is not taken as prescribed. That’s why DoseCan reminds you when to take your medication. If you forget to sign up, a message will be sent to you or a relative’s telephone or email. DoseCan is a small medicine box that contains your medicine. The lid has a display that tells you when it’s time for your medicine. It is mobile and can be taken with you on tour.

Advanced technology, in simple packaging

Although we have spent time and effort building an advanced technology platform, we have made the user experience for the patient as easy and clear as possible. This means that the citizen who needs to use our DoseCan will experience a very user-friendly system with few and simple options. The rest we take care of!

A reverse emergency call button providing security

With DoseSystem you will always be safely monitored, because DoseCan acts as a reverse emergency call button. There can be many reasons why the OK button has not been acknowledged for example acute illness or falling at home. This will be detected by those receiving the back-up alarm!


Do you wish to hear more about how DoseCan can help you or your relatives, please contact us on +45 70 70 74 47 og