DoseSystem i kommunerne frigiver ressourcer og skaber et bedre overblik

DoseSystem in municipalities helps release resources and creates a better overview for healthcare professionals.

DoseSystem today helps the municipalities to release resources so that the warm hands can be used where they are needed the most. For the past 5 years, DoseSystem has worked with 50 Danish municipalities and today we have the experience that is needed to ensure a successful implementation.

Release resources and warm hands.

DoseSystem releases resources for demanding tasks and gives you the opportunity to make better use of the warm hands. A visit saved a day, with a patient, provides a financial benefit as well as the opportunity to help others. Patients gain greater independence in everyday life and have a safety net because someone is still keeping an eye on them. Releasing the warm hands, you can spend time with patients where it is needed the most!

Direct savings per DoseCan, just one visit saved is money made.

The Danish Technological Institute has made a report together with 5 Danish municipalities and found that implementation of medicine reminders can give an average annual saving of DKK 29,951 per patient. The investment is therefore beneficial after 6 months.*


Implementing DoseSystem and integrating into electronic patient journals.

We are aware that implementing healthcare technology can be a challenge. Therefore, we will do everything we can to help you. We have developed integration to your electronic patient journal, so you no longer have to spend time learning how to use new software. Our implementation nurse whom has experience with DoseSystem in municipalities, will assist you in the startup process and help develop a tailormade implementation plan.


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