Meet DoseCan.
The Medicine box for it all.

Use our simple medicine reminder as support for patients, to provide and overview for healthcare professionals or security for relatives . Learn more.

We solve the following challenges


DoseSystem helps municipalities by releasing resources and by providing an opportunity to use the warm hands, where they are needed the most. We can integrate our API into electronic patient journals.

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DoseSystem collaborates with multiple pharmacy-chains and distributers. Are also you interested in helping your customers getting medicine on time? Learn more about integrating DoseSystem in your assortment.

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Patients and relatives

With a DoseCan from DoseSystem you can feel free and safe everyday. We help patients with alarms and reminders, to ensure that the medicine is taken on time.

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  • Half of all adverse events in the healthcare sector are medicine-related.

  • Half of all medicine that is returned and destroyed is in sealed packages.


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