About DoseSystem

DoseSystem was founded in 2013 by founder and partner Jesper K. Thomsen, based on the ideology to find a solution to a specific problem in daily life. Jesper saw a major problem in patients not getting their medication on time or at all. He spent two years traveling around the Danish municipalities to design and co-create a digitized product together with staff and patients. DoseCan was the result and since then simpler and easier to use products have been added to the advanced DoseSystem back-end which was developed along the way.

Medication only works if it is taken as prescribed and DoseSystem provides a simple end-to-end system ensuring medication adherence. It provides support for the patient, insight for the care provider and peace of mind for the relatives. DoseSystem is already sold to over half of all Danish municipalities and in six different countries. The system is suitable for both prepacked medication and pill boxes. The back-end of DoseSystem is ready to connect a range of new devices for many patient categories.

DoseSystem’s core mission is to develop and support hardware and software systems which ensure the right medication on time while integrating an easy-to-use process for patients, healthcare professionals and relatives with Big Data output.

Let us introduce ourselves,  meet the DoseSystem Team below.

Jesper K Thomasen

Jesper K Thomsen – CEO & Founder

Jesper is the founder of DoseSystem AS. The idea behind DoseSystem  was developed at the Design Studio Jesper K Thomsen ApS in 2013 and later turned into an independent company in 2014. Today Jesper is CEO and is responsible for development in the company, new product development and last but not least collaboration with our partners and potential new partners.

Telephone +45 70707447


Philip Flindt – CCO

Philip is CCO og Partner in DoseSystem. Philip is responsible for sales- og marketing af DoseSystem.

Telephone. +45 28347528


Cecilie Kieler – Implementation Manager

Cecilie is a trained nurse and has a Masters in Public Health. Before she started in DoseSystem, Cecilie worked in the municipality Elsinore where she worked with implementation of DoseSystem among other. Cecilie is ready to help you with implementation and support. Good advice and guidance can ensure optimal outcome of DoseSystem for our customers.

Telephone: +45 27898692


Ivan Overgaard

Ivan Overgaard – CTO

Ivan is our trained computer scientist and Softwarearkitekt, playing an inportant roll in our team. Since 2014 he has developed and improved our  solution together with the rest of the sotfware team, with the overall responsibility of for our product.


Would you like to hear more about DoseSystem and our solutions, you are welcome to contact us on +45 70707447 or